Phase 4: Week 14

Notes from tutorial with Celine on critical draft:

My question is still kind of compartmented 
Lacks a bit of direction for the reader as a prompt
At the end–review what question you are actually answering 

I am waiting for your critical engagement and commentary 
What are the findings
What are the statements
What is your conclusion

My whole practical research orbits around Subiaco–put into introduction. 

This tutorial was helpful, very hands-on. However, I find this critical report to be so confusing–I don’t fully understand what kind of document it is.

I have spent this week working on my analysis. The written part of this project (not the critical report but the social semiotic analysis) relates much to the practical outcome that I have to work with it as I am developing the practical part. I have felt a bit disoriented and just sorted out my material so far and sketched an overview of the intended material to see how it could be in dialogue with the written and between applications.

Two booklets, on larger and one smaller. The bigger one is for the written analysis. My notes says: Heavy typographic focus, break up text and make it accessible. Connect visually and typographically to ‘dictionary’ (smaller booklet). Clear typographic hierarchy that can go across ALL material + a grid system that is dynamic and applicable adjustable across everything.

The smaller booklet is a dictionary of concepts and terms in the written analysis. It is a book that connects these concepts with visual examples in ambition to open up the multimodal inquiry and relate it better with the visual world

This is one of the parts I have been working on for a while. The letterforms that relates to other modes of communicating them. For this project I will only make out a few. But I have an idea that they could lead to a webpage where you would be able to create your own ‘mode’ for a letterform and also look at other’s. Working with something digital would also open up for videos.

The 260×260 format is a fold out, that I also have been experimenting with. This will be an overview of alphabetic writing–>gothic type–>roman type. The important thing with this part is for me to not get to ‘serious’ but allow this part of the material to be ‘fun’ and engaging, less literal and more artistic.

The 420×260 format is intended to show spread and development of roman type over time using transparent paper.

Finally 160x160mm format is still unclear.