Phase 4: Week 17

  • Mapping of Subiaco done
  • Draw Subiaco letters
  • Finish written analysis
  • 260x260mm, create prism-like relationships between letterforms of past and future

I have done some attempts at finding a relational visualisation of the development of Roman type. The focus is on the Subiaco as a prism through which all previous and future Roman types are reflected. The purpose of this visualisation is to avoid creating another linear development and rather find a focus and beauty in the complexity of development. The research has led me to the conclusion that I do not wish to contrast Roman type to Gothic type.

I have been looking at how I can relate the letterforms to the cultural and social contexts that have influenced them.

I tried to highlight how the letters are connected across the different types and scripts.

I wanted to see how if could contextualise the type and scripts through adding the sources. But it was a bit redundant.

I tried to divide the folds into one that presented the development towards Roman, that only focused on the scripts and types.

The other fold focused on the ideologies and influences that had inflicted on shaping those letterforms.

Cross cohort group crit

We had a cross cohort group crit and after I had presented my material Elise noted that the dictionary could be a possible entrance point for her in a project like this. I had not thought about the different components serving as different entry points for the target audience depending on their level of interest/understanding.

Overview of my project so far:

Since the crit I have decided to explore if the smallest format could be an alternate alphabet of all the forms presented in the overview towards roman.